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About Screenz

At Screenz you have access to the latest hardware, software and peripheral devices that enable you to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. And if you have a specific problem, our trained Screenz Specialists are there to help you work through any issue.

What can you do at Screenz?

  • Access the internet through our high-speed T-1 broadband connection to search for a job, download files, check your email or research a particular subject.
  • Set up a free email account or create your own free website.
  • Utilize the latest office software applications including Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Microsoft® Office® and many more.
  • Create custom digitally printed calendars, posters and postcards.
  • Download music and burn CD’s and DVD’s.
  • Design, print, collate and bind flyers, newsletters and reports.
  • Scan images on high resolution scanners.
  • Print digital photographs on our high quality color and black and white digital printers.
  • Save up to 50MB of personal files on our server through your “My Files” folder utilizing our Screenznet® interface.
  • Make multiple color or black and white copies.
  • Play the hottest networked PC gaming titles with friends in the store or in another city. With tons of RAM and 3D graphics accelerators, we can rock your gaming world.
  • Print from your laptop on our printers utilizing our wi-fi services.
  • Receive one-on-one training on a particular software application.
  • Enjoy an espresso drink, juice or fountain beverage.

If it can be done on a computer - It can be done at Screenz.

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