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About Screenz

Since we opened our first Screenz location in 1996, we've found that our customers come to our centers, and keep coming back, for a variety of reasons; they may require Internet access or their Internet connection at home may not be fast enough, they may not have the hardware or software they need, or they may be looking to simply print, collate, and professionally bind a presentation. Sometimes our customers are on the raod and want to check email, or they want to relax by joining an online game or participating in an online community. No matter why they come to Screenz, they find a relaxing atmosphere that allows them to work -- or play -- comfortably and efficiently, with state-of-the-art tools and a helpful staff to help them complete their tasks

Each one of our centers are equipped with 40 to 50 identical PC workstations that all offer instant access to our broadband Internet, dozens of professional Home Office software applications, CD and DVD burners, photo and document scanners, powerful color and black and white printers, high resolution photo printers, and 50 MB of free, secure, storage space all controlled through our trademaked ScreenzNet® desktop software that offers you all of our available services through the familiar convenience of a web browser.

Add to the mix the friendly technical assistance provided by our Screenz Specialists, a double latte, and available wireless access for the laptop army, and you have a customer-friendly environment that's part of your neighborhood and there when you need us.

Throw in an extensive suite of full service printing, copying, cd duplication, dvd burning, iPod loading, document scanning, photo editing, document binding, laminating, collating, and much more, and you have the makings of the full Screenz experience in neighborhood computing.

Visit a Screenz near you today, and find out what a computing center was always meant to be.

Screenz makes computing easy. . . it's that simple.

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